Is there currently something like a CodePen for Meteor snippets, to quickly test stuff out?

I’d like to make snippets, and test them out quickly with Meteor. Is there something online to do that with Meteor currently?


@gadicc I recall you had some sort of code snippets for Meteor running back on the old * domains. I think it was for fviews? Any thoughts?

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Ah, yeah, there was once! It seems to be down now. Is there anything else like that currently?

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Good memory! “Fview Lab” ended when MDG ended their free Meteor hosting. Meteorpad was also shut down due to lack of funding. I’m not aware of anything new but I’ve been out of the Meteor scene for a while.

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meteor create snippets is still the fastest, best supported, most versatile CodePen for Meteor I know of.

@paulishca That doesn’t create an online code-snippet editor. I’m looking to run small editable examples online, and embed them into articles or on web pages. Some examples won’t even use data connectivity, and will only need to be client-side code (it would be nice if Meteor had official client-side-only builds).

@gadicc Nice to hear from you! Let me take a look at what you made in fview-lab. Mind giving a brief overview?

Sure, re fview-lab, as you describe, it lets you run client-side Meteor code with per-key-stroke client-side recompilation. The idea was indeed that the snippets could be embedded in other sites and each lesson appeared with a screenshot of what the final code drew on the screen (being made for famous and all).

Unfortunately it went offline when Meteor ended their free hosting, but you can see it in action at my London talk at Source code at