Is there only 1 Dev actually adding features to 1.3? If so, why?

I’ve been following meteor’s github commit history daily for a long while now. It concerns me that Benjamin appears to be the only mdg Dev making sustaintial improvements to core apis and tools within 1.3.

My company has bet big on meteor as a framework. If the above is true, it doesn’t fill me with confidence to see core starved of resources. I’m assuming most mdg resources are tied into galaxy. If so, I really can’t wait for that story to be over.

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Great question @dcworldwide!

I’d just like to add that @Benjamin looks to be doing an amazing job with 1.3. Just wish we had more people like him on core!


One of the things we want to do is split up Meteor into more repositories and projects, and work on deepening involvement with community projects as well. For example, most of @martijnwalraven’s work on improving Cordova for Meteor 1.3 is happening in a different repository where he’s working on a new Cordova plugin for more reliable hot code push. I’m working with Tom on the Meteor Guide, which isn’t technically about writing code but is going to be a huge new “feature” for the Meteor ecosystem. The number of commits to a certain repository is not always going to be the best way to judge the progress of the platform.


Thanks @sashko. Appreciate the input.

My point was about resources, not commits. It was also about improvements to the core framework, not the guide (which i agree will be excellent, but for those with a lot of meteor experience already, the guide will be less beneficial than new features/perf improvements to core).