Is there something inherently special about imports/startup folder in 1.4?

I thought the startup folder in ./imports was just a naming convention, but is there something special about it? I can’t seem to import a file from startup…

I have the following folders in ./imports folder:

  • api
  • startup
  • modules
  • ui

I can’t seem to import a file in startup folder into a file in my modules folder. I’m getting a:

cannot find module '../../startup/client/ApolloClient.js'

when I try to import that file in a file located in modules directory. I’m 99.99% sure the path is correct… is it not possible to use anything initialized from that folder outside the startup folder?

Have you tried importing using the “absolute” form of the path: import ... from '/imports/startup/...'?

Yeah no luck. Really not sure whats going on. Maybe I’m just tired.

I ended up just moving the file into my ui folder and importing it from there to where I need it in startup and modules folders… seems to work now.