Is there still a way to get my code from free hosting

Way way back, I used Meteor’s free hosting.

Since then I’ve sort of been in a hiatus, and unfortunately I was not able to take a backup of my code.

Is the archive for the sites still somehow alive? I don’t need the data.

This is a LONG, long shot, but I’m hoping it still is!

if it would be still there, it would be in a compiled/bundled version, which is of little use. At least, it will be hard to make adjustments.

i always advice to use git with a remote service like github or gitlab, even for toy projects

Yeah I’m really kicking myself. It was such a quick hack that I didn’t put it anywhere else.

I’d actually be fine with the compiled version, as I can try and recreate it. But yeah I’m guessing it’s not available anymore

Seems reasonable that they would have saved your app code as well as your mongo data, especially since the loss-leader was shut down without prior warning. If anyone would bother to put it on a 100TB hard drive there’s no further expense. Did you find out about recovering your * hosted app data?

Not really. I was hoping someone from the meteor team would be able to clarify