Is this forum open-source?


Can anyone setup this forum we’re using now software using any accounts etc? Which packages are used and is there a github so we can do the same on our own sites?


Yep, but it’s built in Rails. Discourse.


I assumed it would be a Meteor App…


Maybe you want to check this out:


The documentation is a Meteor app though! Sometimes it’s easier to not reinvent the wheel :smile:


Forums could be considered reinventing the wheel, but it would also be to
show off a solid example of the software being hosted, pitched, etc.


That’s very true, and I agree. It’s also a non-trivial effort. However I imagine one day we might see forums built in Meteor here.


If you’re looking for a more traditional BBS style forum, you can check out GroupThink or Clinical Support Forum. They were both written circa Meteor 0.8, and neither have test coverage quite yet.


Clinical Support Forum

I’m making a lot of progress with the Clinical Meteor Track right now, componentizing the demos and getting things under QA. Within the next couple of months, there should be a rewrite of both apps, and I’m going to be dogfooding Meteor and using it as the forum for the clinical/healthcare/biomedical track I’ve been working on.