Is VueJs officially supported now by the core team? or not yet


I see on the home page that VueJs is added to the list of front-end frameworks that Meteor integrates with. Is that mean that VueJs is becoming officially supported by the core team? Or is it just taking more interest but not yet officially supported.
I like VueJs better then React. Or better say, I hate Reat, But I like Meteor and I want to use it in my next project with VueJs. Is that a good decision or should I go with React?


I also wonder the same thing since the Vue logo is now on the Meteor homepage but I can’t find any official statement on that matter. Anyone ?


Yea, the tutorials are not yet updated to provide the VueJs version. But, I expect it’s just a sign that VueJs is going to be supported officially. They just need more time to make that happen. Since VueJs is growing very quickly even faster then React, I think it’s a good decision to support it. I hope.


Good question. I am interested in an official response.


This is a good question since I need an official statement from Meteor to announce that.
I just paused my project until I see this > STATMENT

I found VUE logo in Meteor home page, but when I get through the website I didn’t find any official statement admit that there is a kind of such integration.



I’m guessing this is going well:


This is only needed for a tight integration with Meteor tracker, which I’ve argued here is unnecessary and could be even undesirable.

We need community contribution to update the guide and tutorial, open issue here. And I’ve proposed some steps to help MDG to get to the official announcement here.


Also waiting for an official response. I don’t think it’s appropriate to list Vue under the “Meteor Integrates With” header unless it is officially supported by MDG.


But Meteor “integrates with” thousands (millions?) of npm packages, almost none of which are officially supported by MDG.

Similarly, I’m sure I could integrate with riot or ember or marko, if I wanted to. It doesn’t mean I would then expect MDG to support those.

"Integrates with Meteor "should not be taken to mean “Supported by MDG”.


Right, and correct me if I am wrong here, but all other things that Vue is listed next to on the frontpage are officially supported and listed in the docs (Angular, React, NPM, even Cordova). I agree the language is ambiguous.


I agree that the presentation leads to an expectation. Maybe that’s something that should be addressed.


Interestingly, Blaze is missing from that page. No longer supported by MDG, but definitely integrates with Meteor!

Mixed messages, for sure.


Of course, it’s all Js. But listing it on the home page with React and Angular, should tell you something.


Yes, we’re all in agreement now.


It would be awesome if we could get an official statement on this. I for one am really enthusiastic about the idea of an official Vue integration.