Is vuex necessary or does minimongo serve the same purpose?

Is there any use benefit using vuex in meteor?

I understand that a centralized data/state store is great to have, but it seems minimongo and collection helpers are already serving this purpose.

How would I use them together with vuex… Or should I just forget about vuex when working with meteor?

Minimongo is strictly for storing mongo documents that you subscribed to. Vuex is more general purpose and can be used for state variables, such as form inputs. I utilize both Minimongo and Redux (similar to Vuex) on my app and it works well.

Do you use redux for general state (e.g. items in shopping cart, component visibilities,…) or also to store model instances and helper functions (actions)

Anything that you would normally use a component’s state for. So shopping cart items, visibilities, yes.

Helper functions (such as formatting data for presentation) are not a part of Redux, but functions that you would normally use to modify a component’s state (handling form input, incrementing a counter) are. They are called actions.

Not sure what you mean by ‘model instances’.

Personally I haven’t found a use for Vuex yet. My app only has about 5 “global state variables”, which I store on the root instance (conveniently accessible from any component with this.$root). The rest is local component state, and collection data. If your app needs a lot of global state though, Vuex would be useful