Is dead or no longer maintained?

Trying to advertise a job there but upon trying to login I’m getting errors on most login options:

Meteor login:
Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 13.12.44

Google login:
Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 13.13.05

Only GitHub worked in the end (didn’t try Twitter or Facebook).

I also noticed that there are only two job postings in the last couple months.

What other places would you guys recommend to publish a Meteor job (apart from the job section in this very quiet forum)?


I’ve entered every field and after pressing “Continue to preview your job post” the red button is disabled and nothing happens anymore.

So unfortunately this website is broken :frowning:

It’s weird since he removed the developers profiles 2 months ago

Thanks Harry, so it’s posted but several things are still broken at that site

The backend developer post is now live on the site. Sorry for the trouble you had. I’ll check out the login options and see what is up with the broken form on new jobs. The job did get saved, but it didn’t show you that outcome. If you noticed something else broken, please let me know.

I removed the developer profiles as I was getting so many new spam profiles per day and no real developers for some time. The developer profiles didn’t seem very useful to me any more, but I could see bringing them back if searching was better or there were job post notifications. Happy to take a look at a PR. :slight_smile:

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Welcome back, Nate.

I’ve got these 3 errors that you’re already aware of.

I’m not at my computer now but if you want to put some work into the UI, marking mandatory fields would be a help too.

Eg, it’s not clear if I click “Remote” in the checkbox if I still need to fill out the job location.

The last field (contact info) is very misleading as well (to me). Do you want a Twitter handle, an email address or what?

A multi-selection for the type of job would be great. Not always it’s a one size fits all, or in my case I’d also accept if the right candidate can only work part-time if there’s no better full-time candidate. But right now I can’t show that.

Hope this feedback helps you and as you cannot drive external demand (for Meteor jobs) that low amount of job postings is rather a sign of a clear decline in Meteor popularity and demand/usage.