ISOBuild for Corodva should backed by web.browser

I’m wondering if there is a way (no matter how hacky!) to get web.cordova to use the web.browser rather than the web.browser.legacy build.

I’m aware this will limit the devices that can use the app, but that’s not a concern.

My situation is that I use an NPM module that uses some ES6 features (namely classes). The classes in this module are NOT converted to functions, however the classes in my meteor project which inherit from them DO. The problem occurs when trying to call super() from the child class.

For example the raw JS:

import C1 from "my-module";
class C2 extends C1 {
    constructor() {

gets converted to:

var C2 = function () {
  function C2() {
   var _this;
   _this =, doc) || this;
   return _this;  

  return C2;

The runtime complains about the - as it is a class, not a function.

Hi, what about using the new package.json configuration to recompile this npm module?

Let me know if this help.

I’m not on 1.8.2 yet - but this looks awesome! I was hoping there was a flag somewhere where you can state that cordova uses the modern build rather than legacy - the Meteor build system is a bit of a mystery to me. I found very few places where cordova (or web.legacy) are referenced, and only one where they were referenced together. I changed that to reference web.modern instead - but this had no impact