Issue accessing a collection on the server doc

Hi everybody,

Does anybody know why can’t i present a doc / collection on server doc?

I have a collection called UsersMap and what i want to return is one of its docs.

on the mongo shell i have no problem accessing it:

db.usersMap.find({facebookId: [facebook_id_number]}, {meteorId:1, _id:0});

and what i get is -

{ "meteorId" : "[meteor id]" }

which is great! ( i used [] just for the example to not put the real ids :slight_smile: ).

On the server when i try to console log i get an error.

i would like to use the find result i get as a part of a for loop that for each facebook id on my list, will loop on that collection and return the meteor user id.

any suggestions how to do it / console.log the steps in order to be sure i do it correctly?