Issue accessing settings.json when deploying with MUP

Hi all,

I just deployed my app to DO with MUP and I can’t seem to get my code to access variables stored in the settings.json file.

On localhost everything works fine and I had a settings.json file in the server folder so when running the app I would run it with
meteor run --settings server/settings.json

In the settings file I have an array of objects and in the code I retrieved an object by running:
var objectName = Meteor.settings.objectName;
var myObject = _.find(objectName, function(object){ return == someVariable; });

MUP creates a settings.json file when it’s initialized, so to play it safe I copied my old settings.json contents into this file by adding a “private”: { } section.

This is not working and I am not able to initialize a variable. Am I missing something on how to get MUP to see that settings.json file and get my code access to it?


Resolved. It wasn’t related to my original assumption.