Issue facing when installing iron router package in Windows

Dear All,

Tried out an app for email verification in meteor. We were trying to implement the package iron router to associate it with URL. Hence tried installing the iron router package and got the below error message in the command prompt.(Please see to the error message highlighted in Yellow color)

Im into internet and so there is hardly no way for proxy stopping to install. Please help me if anything went wrong here. Do i need to check for something else? Please help here.


It looks like you at some point also tried to add a package called iron-router - look in your .meteor/packages file.

Hi sashko,

Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right. Sometime back i tried downloading iron-router and it is there in the meteor/package folder too. If i remove the reference ‘iron-router’ in package file will the problem be solved.Please let me know will i be able to download iron:router.


Yes you should remove that one and things will probably work.