Issue on update meteor version from 1.10.1 to 2.0

My current application is running on meteor version 1.10.1 and tried to update to version 2.0 using ‘meteor update’ command, but i caught by the following error, please advise me on this. Thank you.

=> Errors while initializing project:

While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint email@1.0.10 is not satisfied by email 2.0.0.
Constraints on package “email”:

  • email@2.0.0 ← top level
  • email@~2.0.0 ← top level
  • email@2.0.0 ← accounts-password 1.7.0
  • email@1.0.10 ← std:accounts-ui 1.2.20
  • email@2.0.0 ← mdg:meteor-apm-agent 3.3.0

have you tried adding the --allow-incompatible-update flag?

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Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: I have tried this command

meteor update --allow-incompatible-update

but getting the same error.

Okay… Since std:accounts is pinned to 1.0.10, you can try to add email@2.0.0! to your .meteor/packages file. There is a good possibility that this isn’t going to work since the constraint resolver is going to try to save you from yourself. If this is the case then the only option at that point is to get the author to update their package to support the latest version of Meteor, or clone it into your local packages dir and update the constraint yourself.

I have changed email package version to 2.0.0 in my .meteor/packages file and ran the meteor update command, but getting the same error, will try to clone the package in local folder and update the constraint.

first remove all @verison in this file






then remove this file

rm your-project/.meteor/versions

if your project works, you can lock certain version in “.meteor/packages”

Thank you for your response, i have tried this method and my app is crashing.

the version file will regenerate, it is like package-lock.json

remove package version will allow you use most decent version i think, then you can see which package should lock to old version.

when you mean “my app is crashing”? is that you are running meteor dev mode then delete the file that i mention?

what error shows on screen after you restart meteor --verbose

the issue is with std:accounts-ui package and i have reported this issue on there repository