Issue with Angular-meteor tutorial


I’ve been following and testing Meteor for a couple month. I’d love to integrate it in one of my project that uses Angular and Node.
I’ve been trying the TODO tutorial for angular-meteor, and I can’t get past the second step ( The page is blank and I don’t get any error messages. I’m concerned that I don’t get any feedback on what my mistake is, that would be terrible not to get feedback for harder problems. My IDE is WebStorm, I’m on OSX. (I also tried to follow every step by the letter using Sublime)

Is the tutorial Obsolete?


Alright, I found the solution. ng-include and ng-controller should be move from <body> to a <div> :

  <body ng-app="simple-todos">
          <div ng-include=""

instead of

<body ng-app="simple-todos"

I’m following the same guide (April 2016), it seems to have been updated but still giving me a blank page without any error message. Anyone else got this problem and/or have it resolved? Please share. Thanks.