Issue with loginWithPassword in a Cordova app

Hi all,

I’m working on creating a cordova app for iOS and I’m bashing my head against a wall with the user authentication.

In short, using Meteor.loginWithPassword is not working correctly, Meteor.loggingIn() returns true once that method is called, but the callback function I’ve given it is never called.

I’m using the latest Meteor ( and when loading the app in a browser, or even in the Safari app in the iOS simulator, my login works absolutely fine, it’s purely in the compiled app itself that it does not.

I’ve created a gist with an example of what it is/is not doing here:

I’d really appreciate any help!

Edit: I should probably point out that the method call is not returning any errors and the user is never logged in.

I have the same issue Vij, so hopefully someone with more experience might jump in soon?