Issue with mup and bcrypt after upgrade to 1.8.2

I have upgrade Meteor to 1.8.2, all is good in development environment but when I deploy on production with Meteor Up I get this error:
node-pre-gyp WARN Tried to download(404):

There is a way to resolve this ?

What docker image are you using in mup.js?

Looking at the download url it’s trying bcrypt_lib-v3.0.7-node-v46-linux-x64-glibc.tar.gz, you can see it’s trying to download a binary built with ABI version 46, which corresponds with Node.js 4.
This fails because bcrypt 3 doesn’t support Node 4

My guess is that you need to update your docker image to match Meteor 1.8.2’s Node version which is Node 8.
We use abernix/meteord:node-8-base as our image for that,

Many thanx, now is good.
I always used zodern/meteor:root with no problem with meteor 1.8.1.
You can advice me for other right value in mup.js file ?
Actually is:

module.exports = {
servers: {
one: {
host: ‘’,
username: ‘username’,
pem: ‘/home/username/.ssh/id_rsa’,

app: {
    name: 'myapp',
    path: '../',
    volumes: {'/opt/_files_myapp': '/built_app/programs/server/assets/app/uploads/files'},
    servers: {
        one: {},

    buildOptions: {
        serverOnly: true,
        debug: false,

    env: {
        ROOT_URL: 'https://myapp.tld',
        MONGO_URL: 'mongodb://localhost/meteor',

    docker: {
        image: 'abernix/meteord:node-8-base', // thanx to coagmano !
    enableUploadProgressBar: true

mongo: {
    version: '3.4.1',
    servers: {
        one: {}

proxy: {
    domains: 'myapp.tld',
    ssl: {
        letsEncryptEmail: 'user@myapp.tld',
        forceSSL: true


Just had a look and it uses Node 4.8.4

I’m guessing when you updated Meteor, you also updated bcrypt to the latest version, which is only compatible with Node 8+

The rest of your mup file looks fine to me