Issues installing Cordova npm (Qr scanner)


I have installed the npm package:

meteor npm install --save cordova-plugin-qrscanner2

According to the docs, the object QRScanner should be available. But it looks unavailable.

Then I have tries importing:

import QRScanner from ‘cordova-plugin-qrscanner2’;

and requiring it:

var QRScanner = require(‘QRScanner’);

I always get the same error:

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: QRScanner

Of course I am running the cordova build on device.
What am I doing wrong?



Did you read the Meteor Guide first?

Try something like:

meteor add cordova:cordova-plugin-qrscanner2@2.5.0

I just saw that another plugin was making problems before QRScanner.

It works now with your install command. Thanks.