Issues installing Meteor project on new PC


In WebStorm IDE, I’m attempting to set up our existing project for a new employee on another PC. I was able to create a project from our github, but it seems to be running in to a few issues.

First, it was not actually generating anything in the .meteor folder. We left the PC on over night and nothing happened.

I think the largest issue is it is not generating the .meteor > local folder at all… instead it is installing dozens of NPM packages…

Now it is giving an error that it can not resolve a number of NPM packages, including some we manually installed to our project, as well as Babel etc.

His NPM folder is more than 3x the size of our project on my PC. I’m not sure if this is due to it installing a more recent Meteor version by default on his PC, but I am concerned that it may cause some issues.

Any advice for the most painless way I could get our git project up and running on this PC without any issues…?