Issues on "meteor deploy" with password field?


Could be just me, but when I use meteor deploy via terminal it hangs at the password. After hitting return on my username, I can’t type any keystrokes for the password and have to esc out.

Just me? Anyone else seen this?


But using meteor login first and then doing the meteor deploy works just fine?


Meteor login has the same issue. I put in my username and hit return. Then when prompted for password, I can’t even type any characters. Very odd.


Uhm… just to make sure: You understand that this is how entering a password works on the shell / in terminal? It doesn’t show you what you type because otherwise someone else could just glance at your screen and see your password typed out. So you have to type without seeing feedback about what you type and then press enter when done and it works.


uh, this is embarrasing. I had been copy pasting and seeing nothing.

Thanks for your patience.



No worries! Simply let this be a reminder to take a deep breath every now and then – helps especially when working with something not yet intimately familiar :panda_face: The solution is usually right there – very accessible, and very simple.