Issues with client updates not occuring after upgrade?

Ever since upgrading my project from 1.3 to, there has been an intermittent issue I’ve had with client updates not being performed properly.

On the client I copy & pasted the HTML of one of my buttons on the interface to create a new one. For examples sake, lets say the original button “Button 1” called an event for “Function 1”, then that called “Method 1” on the server. I copy & pasted button 1, then renamed it to Button 2. Created a new function: Function 2, then new Method: Method 2.

Okay, everything looks ready to go. So I load up the client, click Button 2, and Function 1 event is triggered, Method 1 is called on the server.

I thought maybe the update for client was not performed? Type a new line and save a file on the client. Meteor console says “=> Client modified – refreshing (x2)”.

Attempt again, same thing. So I thought, maybe the page did not reload? So I manually reload the page in browser. Same thing.

The only thing to fix this has been to stop the application completely and restart it. We have not had any issues on our production server, it’s only during development that this is happening.

Any ideas on how to repair this problem? It’s an inconvenience that is increasing development time, as I have to manually shut down the server & wait for it to restart each time…