Issues with Meteor building projects

Hello all

I am looking for help determining a possible cause for some major performance issues I’ve been having recently with Meteor. For about 6 months now, I have been using it pretty regularly on and off with a variety of different types of applications. I have a two year old ultra book so usually when I start an application it takes about 5 seconds to build. Updating also goes pretty fast.

About three weeks ago, right around the time of a Windows update, my projects started to take extremely long to build, anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. As you can imagine, this makes working almost impossible. The only work around I have found is if I completely restart my computer, then run Meteor as the first application at startup. When I do this, if I’m lucky, it will start in maybe 10 seconds. If I ctrl+c and try to build again, then I get the super long build time.

Usually the hang up is first at ‘downloading missing packages’ and then also during ‘building the application’. I have tried this many times at home and and school, so I don’t think it is an internet connection issue. I also haven’t noticed any abnormal behavior in other programs, and I’ve already tried reinstalling Meteor. I have not made any major changes to my machine either, other than an automatic Windows update.

As of now, I’m stumped and frustrated. I would appreciate any ideas of how to troubleshoot this strange problem.

Thanks for the help!


Which windows are you running? 7, 8, 10?
Are you using Anti-Virus software? If not, the Windows Defender will be active and may slow stuff down, at least that’s what I read somewhere. You can give it a try by disabling the Defender. Unfortunetely, that is not possible on Windows 10, so you might need to add you project folder as an exception to stop it from scanning the files within.

EDIT: Just tested it on my machine running Windows 10: Adding the project path to the exceptions of the Windows Defender effectively halves the build time of meteor. Abouts 45 instead of 90 seconds with one of my projects. But you are talking about 30 minutes and more, so this might not be the cause of your problem.

can you try meteor run --verbose to see if there is any additional info on the hangup?

Thanks both of you. Those are some helpful ideas. While changing my Windows 10 firewall, doesn’t affect much, running verbose shows me that Meteor is taking its sweet time equally on each process. I still haven’t found the cause, but appreciate the help.


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