Issues with moving from meteorhacks:npm to meteor 1.3 npm

Hi, hope someone can help!

We are migrating our application from meteor 1.2.1 to meteor 1.3+ and are experiencing some issues with the change in the way that npm packages are handled. Previously we used the meteorhacks:npm package in addition to the cosmos:browserify package where needed. This seemed to work fine although was a bit messy and not ideal…

Our hope was with meteor 1.3 that we could move to straight npm as I think is mentioned in the guide and remove the dependency on meteorhacks:npm and cosmos:browserify. However it seems that the switch is not so easy…

For example with one of our packages (ipfs-api - we now just do an npm install directly on the package but it seems to use this client we still need to browserify the code. However even after using cosmos:browserify with meteor 1.3 I still get an error in the browser console with app refusing to load:

Uncaught TypeError: fs.readFileSync is not a function

Previously with meteorhacks:npm we never saw this message… Any ideas or solutions most welcome!