Issues with packages

I installed a package (openPGP) through package manager and when I try to use it in my app it gives me many different errors. The initial error is about a missing bracket (unexpected token), but when looking at the code, it doesn’t appear there’s an issue. After the initial error about a missing bracket, I get many “cannot read property of meteorInstall (tracker, template, etc) of undefined” errors. I did an update of meteor and node and that doesn’t work either.

And the app works when I don’t try to use require. It’s only when I use require that the app gets all these errors. Also, does anybody know of any other encryption packages that encrypt the private key or allow multi-key access.

Can you please share the link on atmosphere on this package?

Okay, it isn’t a meteor package.

I see but it should be of no problem at all. I will try to reproduce during the day.

Okay, thank you! I don’t know if they error is from meteor or the package. The initial error is an unexpected token. Then there are other errors:
Cannot read property 'meteorInstall' (blaze, template, tracker, etc) of undefined

Did you got into any errors or warnings when using meteor npm install ?
What happens if you rest using meteor reset?

I try that a couple times and neither works. Anybody else know what’s the issue?

And how do you modify mteor packages? I have a mteor package that’s in the ./meteor/packages area and it has separate /os and /web.browser areas. I try to modify the files and it doesn’t take affect in my app.

If you want to modify a package you can make a local copy in /packages/ and if it has the same name, your local version will be used instead of the atmosphere one