It seems installment of this software is very difficult

I am new to this kind of stuff, for a software which has been updated so many versions, I believe you guys have the ability to make installment a bit easier

for most of user , Just clicking a button to finish a installment, it is OK

It’s not a software which you install and ready to use like Wordpress. I think Meteor is the one which has easiest installation in it’s category.

There is a clear installation process which if followed works very well. It’s actually pretty easy and straightforward (except for rare unexpected specific errors) and much easier than some other alternatives.

I need some help to install the software for my PC
1,My OS is Windows 7
2, npm version 6.14.4

The problems I had before this post are

  1. meteor is installed without error prompts, but it doesn’t work
  2. in my powershell, I type meteor --version, no error, no output
  3. I don’t know how to remove the software for reinstallment, so I deleted the folder ./Users/xxx/Appdata/.meteor, is it right?
  4. I tried to add PATH into system environmental variables, it turned out not work at all
  5. If a local installment method is not told officially, I install it via internet, the process is very very very slow, it takes almost HALF A DAY to download the software

On what kind of PC processor are you installing meteor on ?
I tried installing on a laptop with two cores such as intel n4000 and 4GB of RAM. It doesn’t have enough resource to install meteor properly. From what you are describing, it might be a hardware resource issue.

i5,RAM 8G, HardDISK 50G
I install it on win10, after lots of struggling, it works

BUT It doesn’t work in WIN7

I guess win 7 is too old, core team dev doesn’t use that one. I saw Meteor works best on Mac and Linux.

Yes, It said win7 is supported there

it is said win7 is supported,BUT it turns out to be not work
for a freshman, it takes a lot of time to try whethe it really supports a platform
I have just known someone had spent almost half a year to install the software on windows 7, yet still failed

not work for my win7

Save yourself a world of hurt and use: docker or a vm linux or windows linux subsystem.

Ive never used the windows support. Its very niche.

I am terribly sorry, What I want is a little strict declaration on release statements,all I following to do is the official statements and guideline, if they said Linux is recommended and windows is not suitable platform, I would never try to install it on windows.

After two day’s verification, I found v2.5.2 + powershell 2.0 is not work on my windows 7, I updated my powershell from v2.0 to v4.0, meteor v2.1.1 works

All I want is to look a web tool, not taking meteor as my career, simple enough,that took more times than softwares I ever used

I know meteor is free, if it hopes more engineers to use it, making it easier to use is necessary

I had almost all these same problems trying to get Meteor to work on Windows, the link below shows how to fix it.

And it’s also a use case of how to complicate something simple just to “follow the herd” and make anything an NPM package