I've run an update to npm and meteor getting errors


I just updated meteor and npm. Now the host says that the App is running at http://localhost:3000/, however, when I try to load it in the browser it won’t load. My console is full or meteorInstall errors.

I’ve been stuck on this for ages. Can someone please help me out here. I’ve run meteor reset to do a fresh install. Still broken
I’ve also rolled it back to an earlier git version and I’m getting the same errors.

What is going on here!



This to me looks like you are getting code sent to the client that hasn’t been transpiled. I’ve seen this happen in packages where code that gets run on the client, gets imported from a /server directory. This happens because Meteor seeing that the code is in a server folder, thinks it will only run in node and doesn’t transpile the code. It however doesn’t stop the import and thus you end up with code that won’t run in the browser that has made it’s way there.

You’ll want to click on the modules.js link to bring up the source view for the file and hunt around untill you find the package that is causing the issue. Then hunt down the package author and kindly file an issue :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. Now I have a starting point.


Hello… How to find memory leaks for meteor application???

My server on amazon goes down from last couple of weeks. The mupx team stated that this must be a memory leak.
And I can also see on Kadira how the memory gradually increases over time. Is there any way to analyze this further?


Try to take a snapshot of the memory for each day and investigate which objects has not been freed by GC.
Good article of how to do it:


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