I've weathered the wastelands, haven't found what I'm looking for

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And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

I haven’t worked with Meteor for a few months now, decided to see what was out there in regards to client-side tools and frameworks.

Let’s just say I haven’t found what I’m looking for. :scream: Meteor 1.2 spoiled me so hard. :heart:

So I decided to learn me some Elixir after seeing the hype here. The hype was real! Wrote a couple of open source projects, including: https://github.com/sergiotapia/magnetissimo now I want to write some stuff with Javascript/Meteor again.

It seems Meteor is going all in with it’s Apollo stack. But it’s not immediately clear what Apollo is:

Apollo is a data stack for modern apps, built with GraphQL. It’s a decoupled set of packages, including a GraphQL client, a set of tools for a GraphQL-JS server, and various client-side integrations.

Is it a tangible cli tool? Or just a collection of other tools under the Apollo name - like the MEAN stack? Is Apollo reactive out of the box like minimongo? Does Apollo have the same performance issues Meteor with MongoDB had after a certain limit?

I see a lot of example, but how do I create an Apollo app? Should Apollo be used today?

They say you can’t go back home. I say let’s make a new home at Apollo, no?

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An “Ask Me Anything” with the Apollo team.

I ran across this this yesterday, it’s called feathers js, very cool. This makes it more clear why MDG is now pivoting.

what do you mean ?

  1. As in its truly a hype, nothing else . Meteor is simpler/easier/better & elixir is just hype, nothing of value ?

  2. Elixir is real cool. Awesome !!! For once the hype is real !

2! The hype was definitely with merit, I love it. Significantly simpler code that does more complex things for you.

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So am I the only one waiting for you to drop the other shoe?

I’m not familiar with that expression, what does it mean?

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