Jalik/jalik-ufs and problem with the server uploading

hi!, i tried to upload a file with this packages https://github.com/jalik/jalik-ufs but i have a problem with the server, i follow all the instruccion and the console write:

errorClass {error: 404, reason: “Method not found”, details: undefined, message: “Method not found [404]”, errorType: “Meteor.Error”}details: undefinederror: 404errorType: "Meteor.Error"message: "Method not found [404]"reason: "Method not found"stack: (…)

but in the instruccion don’t have a server instruccion, any help???

If you have fixed an issue, contact me asap.
i have a same issue… Plz, help me

hi, i use the normal package CFS, do you need something?, i can resolve the problem of the resize image with a verification of the aspect ratio (i need to resize widen and taller, in 600px or 300px). but still have a problem with the upload, i can upload a file, but i need to see the image and delay 1 minute in refresh the page (and clear the another fields).

Hi, I am the author of this package, first thing to do is to post an issue on the github project’s page (https://github.com/jalik/jalik-ufs/issues), this package is not as popular as CollectionFS so you won’t find a lot of help… Now your errors are not very precise, could you post your code ? How you defined the store and upload the file from the client ?

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hi jalik!, i resolve this problem with cfs collection, thanks for the package, programmer like you help the comiunity and the project meteor!.

i don’t have a repo of the project, i change this and i don’t remember exactly the code, i realize a lot of change, thanks for contact!