Jasmine unit testing, client vs server

I’m currently working off of information from https://meteor-testing.readme.io/ and https://doctorllama.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/bullet-proof-internationalised-meteor-applications-with-velocity-unit-testing-integration-testing-and-jasmine/ , as well as the Jasmine and CucumberJS documentation. I am first trying to unit test some basic low level class functionality using Jasmine (classes in project/shared/).

I added sanjo:jasmine, velocity:html-reporter, and xolvio:cucumber packages to my Meteor application. This created cucumber and jasmine examples in my tests directory. Jasmine got client and server subdirectories, but only the client subdirectory contained a unit directory.

Why is this the case? Are Jasmine unit tests (in Meteor?) only supposed to occur within the client context?

Tests placed in a “unit” directory created in /jasmine/server/ do not run (or at least aren’t displayed by Velocity when the Meteor app is run). Must all server-side-exclusive functionality be tested in/as an integration test?