JavaScript Night #5 on 6/11 featuring GraphQL Schema Stitching & more!

This month, on June 11th, the ApolloMeteorNYC meetup will have presentations on GraphQL, Meteor, and a developer journey with React. This evening will host a mix of live and pre-recorded events.

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For more information or to RSVP, click here or navigate to this link: (

The event is sponsored by MDG. Location and refreshments are provided by Priceline.


@alimgafar It’s always great to hear about an upcoming Meteor meetup, but there are a couple of puzzling things in your post:

  1. This event isn’t sponsored by MDG. No one has reached out to us about it.
  2. If it was sponsored by MDG, we would try really hard to have you not talk about schema stitching, since it has been deprecated. We think there are better ways to build and manage a distributed graph, which is why we’ve released Apollo Federation.

@hwillson Thank you for bringing these up. Beside Meteor Camp, this is the first time I’ve posted an event notice to the Forums. I’ll address each point individually.

  1. When we’ve held meetups in the past, we’ve sometimes mentioned the event was sponsored by MDG. This goes back to when Nick told us we were an official DevShop. While I no longer arrange for food and drink through MDG, it still pays for the meetup subscription, and we’ve never been told that MDG isn’t a sponsor anymore. As for reaching out, after Thea left, there wasn’t any communication from MDG on who we should reach out to. I didn’t even realize she left until a few days ago.

I’ve been organizing or co-organizing this meetup for more than four years, often reaching out in and out of our network to find speakers or solicit topics. The communication with MDG has never been smooth, so we soldier on. It’s clear to me now that there’s no one looking at the meetups to see what the organizers are doing, or reaching out to them to offer guidance. NYC is the third largest in terms of size and still growing, so we haven’t abandoned it.

Priceline is sponsoring the location and refreshments. Since I was posting here, on an MDG property, I also thought it polite to give MDG credit. I hope that clears that up.

  1. This is on me. I’m one volunteer trying to put together events and it’s hard to keep up with breaking changes and arrange for topical content. When I first surfaced the schema stitching back in late April, it was still valid; Paul just recorded his talk in March. We had to postpone our May meetup until this month, and didn’t change the topic. From the link it appears deprecation notice was put up only several days ago.

I’m happy to point out this change tonight. I haven’t seen any talk on Apollo Federation (don’t have any speaker offering to talk about it either), but I see that Ben Awad has posted an explainer on YouTube. Let me know if you’d prefer me to swap out Paul’s talk with Ben’s video and add links to the blog post in the meetup notice. I usually send out a day-of notice, and can still get it in.

I appreciate you getting back. Let me know how you want me to proceed regarding #2.


Thanks for the background @alimgafar - that does help clear it up. Regarding a talk for #2, I’m definitely not mandating that you change anything. I just wanted to mention that we no longer promote schema stitching ourselves as we’ve found it to be a problematic way of building a distributed data graph. Which is of course painful to say as we were the ones promoting it to begin with :man_facepalming:. We’ve taken our hard earned lessons from working with companies on large scale distributed graphs and come up with a new approach, that we’ve successfully vetted at scale. That’s where Apollo Federation has come from. That being said, if you’re looking for a video to show that talks about Apollo Federation, you can try the Apollo Federation presentation that happened at Apollo Day SF 2019:

Thanks again for taking the time to put together the meetup!

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@hwillson Thanks Hugh. I’m still working through my presentation for tonight, and noticed the James Baxley talk runs about an hour. I will make a change to the meetup tonight, to use Ben Awad’s video and the Apollo blog post, since we won’t have time to view the Apollo Day talk tonight. However, I will also point it out in discussion this evening, and post it on the meetup notice so that members can see it for themselves. It may be well suited for the next meetup :slight_smile:

Thanks again.