JavaScript or Meteor packages

Hey folks,

I’m new in Meteor JS and have a question.

First of all, I already did the tutorial, I am using Blaze (because it should be a good start and it’s easy to learn)

Now my question: there are the possibility to use Meteor packages and of course JavaScript.
When should I use what?

Is there any possibility, to see what packages are available?

For example I want to implement something like a photo gallary but it should be possible to rotate the picture and add tags related to the picture in a separate txt file.

Should I look for a package or simply use JavaScript?

I know it might sounds a little bit trivial but I am really confused.

Best wishes!

Welcome to Meteor :smile:

You have the options of

Unless you are really good at JavaScript you may be better off using one of the first two options. Note also, that Meteor provides first class support for npm packages, so that’s probably the way to go for future compliance.

Good luck!