Javascript standard library objects not defined in npm modules


When I’m trying to import an npm module (e.g. Ramda) I’m getting that Javascript standard library objects are undefined. For example in Ramda, I get this error when trying to do import R from 'ramda'.

ramda.js:376 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isInteger' of undefined

Line 376 is the following

var _isInteger = Number.isInteger || function _isInteger(n) {

Basically Number is undefined, but it’s part of the standard Javascript library so it should be available globally…not sure why this would ever be undefined. Another person who’s working on the same project as me doesn’t run into these errors when running the project. Not sure why it only doesn’t work for me.

EDIT: Ramda is being imported by a file located in /lib so it’s run on both the server and client. I did a console.log(Number) right about Line 376 in the ramda node_module. Only on the client is it undefined…unfortunately I need it on both the client and server.