JetBrains Pending Deprecation of Meteor Plugin for WebStorm

As a long-time WebStorm user, I’ve never had consistent success getting code editor breakpoints to work for both server-side and client-side code, and recently submitted a ticket to try again to resolve it. The response I received was:

please could you check if debugging works for you when using any of Meteor template projects?
The bad news is that the plugin is not actively maintained. We are considering deprecating the Meteor support in the future versions and open-sourcing the plugin to allow community to continue its development. We don’t have the exact deprecation date yet but once we do, we’ll post the announcement in the WebStorm blog

Given that the Meteor plugin for WebStorm has been downloaded over 132,000 times, it seems like it’d be in Meteor’s best interest to take over the maintenance and development of this plugin? Any Community interest? Thoughts?


I have no idea how I’ll code my app if JetBrains stops working. Is there a way to work with Meteor on VS Code?

I’m just shocked :face_with_spiral_eyes: I think I will switch to vs code. Is Meteor Toolbox good enough?

Is the Meteor plug-in required to develop a Meteor app with WebStorm? Meteor is just node.js, so I would like to find out about this.

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@paulishca , thanks for the link. Looking at it I still couldn’t quite tell if I could develop in JetBrains without their Meteor plugin. I don’t need breakpoints in JetBrains for client-side code - I use browser dev tools for that. Does it look to you like it would be possible to develop for Meteor in JetBrains without the Meteor plugin?

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We talked about this deprecation note from IntelliJ on this Meteor Impact 2022 talk. On this talk we also showcase the Meteor Toolbox extension and how it works better (in our opinion) than the Webstorm plugin. It also has things that the Webstorm plugin doesn’t have (AFAIK) like support for different package directories.

@cormip If you want to try VS Code, the Meteor Toolbox extension supports integrated debugger on both client and server (with Cordova support planned!).

@vikr00001 It’s not required, but it makes your life easier. Also, they will be deprecating it so it will still work (if it already works for you), but you won’t receive new features and bug fixes. It will stay as it is.


So would it be possible to discard the WebStorm Meteor plugin and use Meteor Toolbox extension with WebStorm?

[EDIT] Okay I went to the Impact 2022 link and see that the Meteor Toolbox extension is for VS Code only.

Wow – after years using WebStorm, it looks like I’ll be moving to VS Code.

What’s new in the last Webstorm version, 2022.3 - a mention about removing templates for Angular, Meteor and Cordova.

Webstorm without the Meteor plugin - Meteor submodules/functions not recognized. Wasn’t bothered by anything else so I am not sure if missing the plugin affects other areas. I was ok to work for a couple of minutes without the plugin.

Webstorm without the Meteor plugin:
Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 10.46.21 PM

Webstorm with the Meteor plugin.
Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 10.55.28 PM

The Plugin:

The plugin had plenty recent updates, as recent as today …

The image above “Webstorm with the Meteor plugin.” also shows a new feature in the latest Webstorm, showing the number of usages of a function.

I think we should be ok for now and I don’t expect any challenges in 2023. I just paid for my next 1yr license.


Please do write to them, let them know Meteor is not going anywhere, here to stay …


Something to keep an eye on. If they deprecate the packages then I’m definitely moving to VS Code.

I emailed JetBrains about this and they replied that they have open-sourced the code for the plugin:

Hello Vik,

Sorry for the delay in responding! Thank you for your feedback. There are no plans to get rid of the Meteor plugin completely. By “discontinuing support,” we mean that we are no longer ready to invest actively in support for a specific technology. We won’t be fixing any long-standing bugs or non-critical issues. However, we’ll still fix critical problems should they arise. Also, we’ve open-sourced the Meteor plugin lately, so you and other community members are welcome to contribute to it.

Best regards,

@storyteller didn’t we talked about this in the past and that there were some shoutouts from JetBrains to make this plugin open source? Maybe we can get them to move this to the community instead of burying it.

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I think everyone who is using JetBrains for meteor development should email to them. It seems they are not aware of the community in here. We are paying just for this extension.


I just got word from JetBrains that the Meteor plugin is open-source now.

Well, I guess they have statistics about package usage. But still, I think emailing them is a good idea. What’s the best contact email for this?

Do you have a link to the repository?

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I’ll email JetBrains and ask for the link.

Is it not the one in my message right above yours?

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