Job post - Webapp for $1000


Thank you all for coming together to form a fabulous community around this very cool technology we call Meteor! I’m excited about the reactivity and the ease of building, and I’m only a hobby programmer.

It seems acceptable to me to post my job offer here. Here we go:

I am a Pharmacist and MBA. I love everything tech, cloud and open. In my work as a medical professional I weigh evidence by critically reading research articles. Across the globe, lots and lots of experts evaluate evidence everyday. I want badly to change the expert evidence evaluation story from drudging fail-prone loneliness to joyful shared intelligence!

The Project:
It’s really just a survey app. The point of the app is to collect user’s answers to a set of admin’s questions.
METEOR CLIENT LOCATION A special challenge of this project is that the client must operate from a browser extension in order to allow the appraisal of arbitrary pages/articles. The client needs to sit in a Chrome Extension and inject a sidebar on the current page. Others have working solutions for this (see
QUESTIONS The questions are short but many. Each question consists of a title, a description, options (radio), and a string (input by selecting text on page). The admin is able to crud them.
SUBMISSIONS When the survey begins, only some of the questions are presented. On each submission, depending on the option selected by the user, additional questions get visibility. For each option, the admin may specify some followup questions.
RESULTS When all of the questions are answered, the user may press a button to hide the questions/answers and present the results. The results are presented for each question; and under each option we show a count, a bar graph, and a list of strings.

I describe other functionality requirements in the accompanying mockup/requirements PDF, including Collections, Follows, Notifications, Report, Highlights, Inline link badges, Payment, Subscription, Coupons, and Context menu.

Can you help me put this thing together!? If you’re up to the challenge, let’s go! I’ll pay for your awesome work! I’m seeking a working relationship that will grow.

My offer for completing all requirements is $1000. I have a private job posting on that I will share with you if you send me a link to your upwork profile.
$1000 / 40 hours = $25 per hour
$1000 / 30 hours = $33 per hour
$1000 / 20 hours = $50 per hour
$1000 / 10 hours = $100 per hour

Best, Joe Leiman


You may have better luck at


I may do it for $10,000


Just curious question here, is $10,000 ur base price for a meteorJS app ?


Agreed with @msavin. Going rate for similar projects is around $10,000 to $15,000. With the form builder and dynamic forms, analytics, and custom build pipeline, it’s easily an 80 to 120 hour project, even for experienced devs.

I would highly recommend @msavin for this project, by the way.


Thank you for the feedback. I now wonder if the popularity of the post was do to the sensationally low offer!

I initially listed 14 features. I have only $1000 to spend for now to get me off the ground. A revised offer reduced to 4 requirements: $1000 for the Questions, Submissions, Results features in a Chrome extension!

A better example of Meteor in a Chrome extension.
Suggestion on how to do dynamic forms.

Thank you for humoring me! Cheers to all.