Job Posting: Qualia is hiring! (designed by creator of Semantic UI)

Qualia is a 30 person real estate software company in San Francisco hiring full-stack engineers and front-end designers with strong programming skills. Our product is built entirely in Meteor, and working at Qualia is a great opportunity to see how Meteor is used at scale.

Other relevant details:

For actual details on what our product does, visit If this sounds interesting, you can apply here.


Visiting your website using iPad - there are some real issues (parts of page disapearing, jumps when scrolling etc.)

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Thanks for letting me know!

I get this on Safari on my MacBook

We are in the process of fixing this; thanks for reporting it.

The logo reminds me of VueJS :grinning:

I believe I have fixed the Safari issues. It’ll probably require a hard reload for those who have visited before.

The website looks ok now. Very good design and job indeed!

Still unsure what type of experience you are looking for and what requirements you have.

You can see a detailed description of what we are looking for on our jobs page. But, briefly, we are looking for strong full-stack engineers or designers with strong engineering skills. We don’t have very many specific requirements; I’ve found that all engineering skills are heavily correlated with each other.