JQuery code isn't working in my meteor project

Hi, I simply can’t make run any JQuery code in my meteor project. With JS there is no problem. I have added package JQuery to meteor. Do somebody know how to solve this issue? Thnaks a lot for your help! Majka

Example of the code:

Used from (http://materializecss.com/media.html)

dump you console here please

errr that doesn’t sound right, jquery is delivered with meteor. what does your ./meteor/packages file look like? and when you said you added it, what exact steps did you take to add it?

I added it like this “meteor add jquery”

put your query code in

     //without $(document).ready
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NorBu It is working, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

no problem, you are welcome.

This topic is over 6 months old, but it was really helpful. Thanks!