Jquery files not loading in meteor

Jquery files are not loading in my Meteor project while normal javascript is loaded .

In this, only index.js, router.js and jsvalidator.js are getting loaded, rest of the jquery libraries are not loading. Kindly help.

Check the docs about compatibility folder

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Yeah drop that in compatibility, it should work.

Tried keeping it in compatibility folder, still not loading

Thank you for quick response. i was able to load them in meteor by keeping jquery files in the compatibility folder and changing their name. For some reason meteor was not picking up files starting with ‘jquery.*’

New problem: Files are loaded but are not executing.
These files are part of a theme that we are trying to include in Meteor project. Many of the CSS3 animations have stopped working post including them in Meteor. Is there a Meteor specific way of including CSS3 animations and making them work?
I am attaching screenshot of my file structure. Kindly see if you can help.