Jquery incompatibility using atmosphere

Im getting started with Meteor but i feel like atmosphere is not maintained.
I just got a fresh install of latest meteor version.
I’m on ubuntu 20.

meteor add twbs:bootstrap

 => Errors while adding packages:             
While selecting package versions:
error: Potentially incompatible change required to top-level dependency: jquery
1.11.11, was 3.0.0.
Constraints on package "jquery":
* jquery@1.11.9 || 3.0.0 <- blaze 2.3.4 <- blaze-html-templates 1.1.2
* jquery@1.0.1 <- twbs:bootstrap 3.3.6

To allow potentially incompatible changes to top-level dependencies, you must
pass --allow-incompatible-update on the command line.

Thanks for your help

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Meteor is maintained. Meteor embraced npm quite a while back already to be aligned with the industry standard and so whenever possible you should be adding packages from npm instead of atmosphere.

So instead of meteor add twbs:bootstrap you should do meteor npm install bootstrap


Slightly off topic, but worth noting that the upcoming Bootstrap version 5 (currently alpha 2) ditched jquery as a dependency and can be used right now (if you’re game) with

npm install bootstrap@next

I am new to front end programming. I took a course on Coursera that needed Bootstrap to work with Meteor. I was exasperated trying to get around the jQuery issues. I am documenting my experience so that the next person like me is able to save weeks of futile search.

Finally this answer got me till installation and loading of my program - essentially:

meteor npm install popper.js@^1.16.1
meteor npm install bootstrap@next

and my .js file having:

import 'bootstrap';
import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css';
// import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap-theme.css';

NOTICE THAT I had to comment the third import.

I strongly suspect that Atmospherejs.com has reliability issues and the coursework on Coursera is seriously out of date.

Welcome to the forums, @bhushit :wave:

Would you mind linking the course here, so we can check it for being up to date? Meteor has evolved a lot within the recent years (and especially within the last year).

We as a community are very aware, that there are many outdated materials out in the wild (which are still picked up by search engines) and there are already some improvements in the planning.

However, finding a tutorial that fully covers Bootstrap 5 (which is still in Beta as of today) is nearly impossible right now. Thank you, however for already pointing to a solution on how to integrate BS5.

One more note to all people having issues with jQuery and bootstrap: in order to enable the latest jQuery conflict free you may install jquery via NPM

$ meteor npm install --save jquery

and change jquery in your .meteor/packages to jquery@3.0.0! which will replace any Meteor bultin jQuery with the one installed via NPM.


Here is the course https://www.coursera.org/specializations/website-development

Yep, the course is very outdated. I wonder that people haven’t tried to refund yet.