jQuery module not found - meteor 1.3

I’m doing a migration of an existing 1.2 app. as the guide suggests to use npm packages instead of wrapper packages, i’m trying to use bootbox npm package into my project. but the problem is that i’m getting an error in the client side that
cannot find module 'jquery' and also in the server side i’m getting a warning message

Unable to resolve some modules:

“jquery” in /Users/faysal/Desktop/inovio/ahmeteor/node_modules/bootbox/bootbox.js (web.browser)

Consider running: meteor npm install --save jquery

i’m pretty sure that using jquery of npm package would solve the problem. is there any way to tell the application to find jQuery into my meteor packages.

import 'bootbox';

this is my import in template js file.

I have a similar issue in zurb:foundation-sites. Yet nothing seems to be broken.

Unable to resolve some modules:

  "jquery" in

I am getting similar error when using toastr

Error: Cannot find module ‘jquery’

Also check this thread for more info.

+1 with > zurb:foundation-sites

Any idea ?

meteor add jquery

And if you need to use jquery-ui add the appropriate package as well for myself I use ruslan:jquery-ui

Personally I would try to avoid it but because there’s too much legacy code I had to deal with it was easier to just use the meteor modules rather than the meteor npm ones.

This seems to answer this, I’ve had a similar issue today:

This install jquery with version 1.11.10 when meteor npm install --save jquery install version 3.2.1, do you know why?