Jquery $(window).load() equivalent in Meteor?


I’m stretching a data table vertically to fill the contents of a page using jquery. This works correctly in the following method. The resize event gets triggered and everything works.
The following method is inside my onRendered() method and works correctly when I resize the window…all good. I can’t seem to get on load/document ready or whatever the actual Meteor event is to call the same method on initial load (without having to resize the window).

$(window).resize(function() {

method I"m calling:

function stretchTableHeight(){
        console.log("called stretchtableheight");
        var vph = $('.env-parent').height();
        var rh = $('#reportHeader').height();
        var tab = $('.env-org-settings-nav').height();
        var sticky = $('.sticky-header').height();
        var caption = $('.env-uci-caption').height();
        var thread = $('.env-uci-thead').height();
        var totalExtrasHeight = rh+tab+sticky+caption+thread;
        var newTableBodyHeight = vph - totalExtrasHeight - 70;
        $('.env-table-body').css({'height': newTableBodyHeight + 'px'});

However, I’d like to call “stretchTableHeight()” on document ready or whatever Meteor’s on ready event is.
I’ve tried everything I can think of , but it never calls the method on initial load".
I’ve tried:

$(window).load(function() {

stretchTableHeight(); at the bottom of onRendered method.

How do I call the strethTableHeight when everything is “ready”?


It turns out that the issue wasn’t based on an event. The objects weren’t in the view and thus no heights could be calculated, etc. I tried to find a place to delete the post, but couldn’t find it…