JS not running on Android Device but works on emulator, iOS and web

Hi, I am getting this issue when I deploy (via USB cable) to actual Android devices (5+ or 4.4.4)… basically it seems like the whole of Meteor JS won’t run/load.

Note the same app runs on iOS, Android emulator and via a browser. So this is something specific to the Android device.

I logged the issue here JS not working/loading on Android device but works in emulator, browser and iOS · Issue #4741 · meteor/meteor · GitHub but thought this could definitely be a code issue on my behalf. I have tried playing around with the load order, but could not get the app to work.

As per the above item, if I click an external link on the sign-in page I get an error on the console:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://buzzy.buzz/_timesync. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'https://www.buzzy.buzz' is therefore not allowed access.

After that error, the app loads and works as normal.

BTW, I tried adding App.accessRule('*'); to the mobile-config.js, but no difference.

BTW, I have not updated my current playstore app and it it works OK with the a Hot Code Push from the current code running on the server. So this is only present in the new app I am deploying from my dev machine to the physical Android devices.

Any ideas, please?