Js on common folder can't access session.get("var")

Help me. I need my code JS on folder common to access session.get value, but it is error when I try to get it. Any Idea? The error says : ReferenceError: session is not defined

My Code is :

var vLevelAkses = Session.get(“global_levelakses”);

TabularTables.mstUser = new Tabular.Table({
name: “mstUser”,
collection: mstUserDat,
selector: function() {
return { levelakses: { $gte: vLevelAkses } }
columns: [
{data: “username”, title: “User Name”},
{data: “userpass”, title: “Password”},
{data: “levelakses”, title: “Level Akses”}

well, mby it is running on server side and there is no session there…

and use formatting when you paste code

Apart from the more common issue @shock mentioned, if you’ve copy/pasted the error message (instead of typing it out) then it’s not referring to the Session.get(...) line. Note the case difference.