JSX in Coffeescript with meteor 1.4 - need help with importing of the CoffeeCompiler from mdgs official coffeescript package

We are trying to move to reactjs but a complete switch to javascript or jsx is not possible at the moment.

I tried a lot of those jsx packages but none of them really work. I managed it to build my own really working package but now have problems with getting rid of dependencies:

import CoffeeCompiler from 'meteor/coffeescript'; # just imports an empty object
import cjsx from 'coffee-react-transform';

export class CoffeeXCompiler extends CoffeeCompiler {
  constructor() {
  _getCompileOptions(inputFile) {
    return {
      bare: true,
      filename: inputFile.getPathInPackage(),
      literate: inputFile.getExtension() !== 'cjsx',
      // Return a source map.
      sourceMap: true,
      // This becomes the "file" field of the source map.
      generatedFile: '/' + this._outputFilePath(inputFile),
      // This becomes the "sources" field of the source map.
      sourceFiles: [inputFile.getDisplayPath()],

  compileOneFile(inputFile) {
    const source = cjsx(inputFile.getContentsAsString());
    inputFile._resourceSlot.inputResource.data = source;

  extensions: ['cjsx', 'coffeex']
}, () => new CoffeeXCompiler());

when I copy&pasted the CoffeeCompiler code directly before my code, everything works fine, but I cannot import the CoffeeCompiler class from the meteor coffeescript package. it just imports an empty object. Even if it says export class CoffeeCompiler in the coffeescript package.

How can i get rid of copy and pasting the coffeescript package in my package and how can I import this class from the package?