Junior meteor dev looking for a project, team

Looking to participate in some production ready project (big or small) under the supervision of wise and experienced master of meteor or a team )) for some time
Basically i am switching from rails, i worked with it couple of years.
Good knowledge of OOP paradigm and some of functional ( even programmed some stuff in clojure).
I accomplished some toy projects in meteor and have pretty good knowledge of the framework.
Experience with git github and git flow. Fast learner and love to discover and apply new stuff.
Most of all i look for good people and good team with smooth work flow and friendly atmosphere. Agile friendly )
Remote work. I would like to dicuss any other details in private here or in skype. Thanks !

I think you’d have better luck on: http://www.weworkmeteor.com/ (create a profile section)

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ok i thought this for experienced meteor devs mostly