Junior Meteor Developer Roadmap

Could someone who has gone through the path of learning, set some guidelines/steps to train Junior Meteor Developer (Blaze) or Junior Meteor Developer (React)?

There isn’t much to meteor. If you know react, all you have to learn are the apis for methods, publish, and subscribe, which are simple in themselves and documented well.

You mean that learning path exists only for Blaze?

That comes back to question “What is Meteor”? Superb build tool for node.js with great community?

Meteor’s a build tool. It has libraries for an isomorphic data layer, among other things.

Okay, what skills should developer possess to update https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/homer-responsive-admin-theme-WB055J451?ref=clevision template from Meteor.js v to Meteor 1.10. 2 and successfully use it?

option 1: using Blaze
option 2: updating from Blaze to React

(corrected the link)

I would suggest that necessary prerequisites are:


as a minimum

I have found great overview by mullojo here - Quick Front-End (view layer) Survey - but it is for Vue,

it would be great if someone would write it for React and Blaze.

For MongoDB knowledge I would recommend: https://university.mongodb.com/
And go through the Developer’s course.

For Meteor knowledge you should be familiar with the Meteor basics like: subscriptions, methods, check, accounts, oauth-encryption, how to load data in the front-end of your choice, how to deploy and then some community packages like simpl-schema and collection2 at the minimum.