Just built an MVP with mobile IOS and Android apps in 19 minutes

Meteor’s still king of speed. Jesus christ.

Came back after a very long hiatus now that the dust had settled in JS-land. I’ve been working with React and ES6 in Rails-land for about a year now, and I’m much more familiar with the entire front-end ecosystem.

I build this MVP using Meteor in 19 minutes. It’s a website, and also an iOS and Android app.

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';
import React from 'react';
import { render } from 'react-dom';

import Home from './pages/home.jsx';
import PatSantaCruz from './pages/pat_santa_cruz.jsx';
import PatLaPaz from './pages/pat_la_paz.jsx';
import Atb from './pages/atb.jsx';
import BoliviaTv from './pages/bolivia_tv.jsx';
import BoliviaAlAireTv from './pages/bolivia_al_aire_tv.jsx';
import RedUno from './pages/red_uno.jsx';
import Unitel from './pages/unitel.jsx';

import {
  BrowserRouter as Router,
} from 'react-router-dom';

const Routes = () => (
        <li><Link to="/">Home</Link></li>
        <li><Link to="/en-vivo/pat-santa-cruz">PAT Santa Cruz</Link></li>
        <li><Link to="/en-vivo/pat-la-paz">PAT La Paz</Link></li>
        <li><Link to="/en-vivo/atb">ATB</Link></li>
        <li><Link to="/en-vivo/bolivia-tv">Bolivia TV</Link></li>
        <li><Link to="/en-vivo/bolivia-al-aire-tv">Bolivia Al Aire TV</Link></li>
        <li><Link to="/en-vivo/red-uno">Red Uno</Link></li>
        <li><Link to="/en-vivo/unitel">Unitel</Link></li>


      <Route exact path="/" component={Home}/>
      <Route path="/en-vivo/pat-santa-cruz" component={PatSantaCruz}/>
      <Route path="/en-vivo/pat-la-paz" component={PatLaPaz}/>
      <Route path="/en-vivo/atb" component={Atb}/>
      <Route path="/en-vivo/bolivia-tv" component={BoliviaTv}/>
      <Route path="/en-vivo/bolivia-al-aire-tv" component={BoliviaAlAireTv}/>
      <Route path="/en-vivo/red-uno" component={RedUno}/>
      <Route path="/en-vivo/unitel" component={Unitel}/>

Meteor.startup(() => {
  render(<Routes />, document.getElementById('root'));

There isn’t a platform like Meteor in the world. :rocket: I’m excited to use Meteor again and iterate very very quickly. Thanks for the hard work MDG, you guys are killing it .