Just launched my first Website built with Meteor

I’ve just published my first website build with meteor. The sites is supposed to find people for projects and discussing project ideas. It could bring people together for working on modules or packages as well.
I haven’t shared it so far but I will do this soon. I’m exited if I can get some users on the site.

Th URL is http://joinon.cc


Excuse me, what the hosting that you chose.
I plan to publish my first app too.
I use to experience with php and mysql hosting.

I do like the idea. Being on the lookout for potential people to collaborate with on my startup I approve of this idea :smiley: . By the way FYI, my first visit didn’t load properly, didn’t check the console sorry.Essentially nothing loaded, not even the loading template was being shown.

I hosted on a Level 1 VServer at strato.de: https://www.strato.de/linux-vserver/ and setup the environment with meteor-up.

Thanks for your reply. I tried several times but couldn’t reproduce that issue. Which device and browser did you use? And the second try worked, right?

I think the major problem of this idea is to get the critical mass of people. I know this is a little bit off topic for this forum but if someone got experiences with that I would be glad to hear about this.


This guy mentors for many startups and accelerators. The book is pure gold, definitely take the time to read it.

I’m using Chrome 43, Windows 8.1. Sorry can’t reproduce it either and yea every other try so far except for the first one worked.

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