Just some few last words... (Thread choked)

Well, thank you all for the hints, links and the source code cutouts.

I’d like to be precise, and there were no hard words or any intention to be impolite.

I do love women very much, but - each man can tell - the more I love satisfied women.

And I consider the following to be a legitimate question:
“Why have I to learn all that stuff? I just wanna code!”

And, as we men tick, we want and solve their problem.

Sorry, if I kicked one’s leg, I’m just used to tell what I need, what I think, and what I want, and I’m not satisfied with workarounds. Clear requirements lead to clear solutions.

So, I keep on reading here, and be silent.


  • no solution
  • people should just google, read and try on themselves
  • no interest to start up e.g. a github project to solve the this many asked questions how easily to
    deploy. A GUI like ProxMox and FreeNas realized would have been nice.

Thank you all for our efforts.
I remain quiet.

If you truly see it as such a big problem, then you have a great material for a tool people will gladly pay for. Where you’d just click on the icon and all the servers would magically install with every needed thing.

And seeing how people here don’t seem to bother with it, you can be sure of no competition.

The only missing step is to write it, and then count the money.