Just sped up my load time with this one trick

…by replacing Session storage with client-side minimongo storage (ie, create a client-side collection and store to there instead).

I’ve been using this package for years now: GitHub - cult-of-coders/meteor-persistent-session: Modifies Meteor's Session to store variables in the browser's `localStorage`

Over the years my Session storage grew to 1mb+ – storing all sorts of client-side settings and documents in there. I noticed that a lot of my error logs were starting to show amplify.storage is out of space (or something similar to that), and earlier today I decided to dig into it. A grep of my project directory revealed the above-linked package as the only one using amplify.storage.

For years now, my website has taken ~20 seconds to “first paint” when I visit from my desktop, but not incognito or from my mobile device (almost instant). I figured it was something down to my user account, but couldn’t quite peg it.

By a happy accident, fixing this amplify.storage issue by switching to minimongo resulted in that ~20 second load time instantly dropping down to less than 1 second.

Just thought I’d share that with y’all in case anyone’s been relying heavily on that package.


thanks for sharing, I found that using fast-render and tier 1 asset routing has got my loads down to under a second and traffic has jumped significantly now with around 100 concurrent users at most times of the day