Just starting out with Meteor and already running into issues

So I just took the leap into Meteor yesterday, and after going through 3 different starting tutorials I finally managed to get it set up properly. One I got a project set up and started the localhost I noticed that half of the meteor starting template wasn’t even visible (i.e the ‘Click Me!’ button and the proceeding text links). No matter what I did those wouldn’t show up. I tried doing some minor testing by just changing the background color of the webpage and not even that showed up/worked. I am not exactly sure why I am having these issues just from simply starting the project, but if anyone could help that would be great! :slight_smile:

OS: Windows 10
Primary Browser: Google Chrome
Meteor Version: Latest Installation Package

I’m sure we’d like to help, but some code would be useful, as I’ve sworn to use my psychic powers only for evil :wink:

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Ah well the code is just what’s created when you type ‘meteor create newproject’ in the command line. The only thing I actually changed was adding a line of CSS to test changing the background color to make sure things were working (which sadly it wasn’t).

So, if you

meteor create test
cd test

and browse to localhost:3000, without changing anything, does it still not work?

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Wow I am so sorry for wasting your time ;-; Most of the tutorials I followed just had me open the index, and that seemed to work fine for them. Thanks for the help

No problem :slight_smile:

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