Kadira - Anyone going to open up a public server?

I know there’s the DIY guide, but I really just want to use it.

If no one is willing to set this up, I guess I’ll have to, and the question becomes who will help pay the bills and ‘become a customer’?

really hoping I can use some ones :slight_smile:

www.StarCommanderOnline.com is having some database issues and… I can’t friggin see what it is!


@cloudspider was thinking about it.

If you want a solution right now - Galaxy.

I’m still setting things up. It takes way longer then I had hoped, but some things just need to be done to make this work. I simply cannot spend so much time on it so sorry for that.

As robfallows says. Its simple math to figure out if galaxy might be the right option for you. Galaxy includes the APM that derived from Kadira and provides you with many other benefits. You can get up to speed within an hour so I suggest you try that first.

Self-host Kadira is better if you want to learn or host on your own premises and are not allowed to use SaaS platforms, because of some policy.

If only I could. They’re more than twice the price of self hosting. :frowning:

But you can sleep at night with redundancies, backups and VHA (very high availability). For a number of reasons we can’t use Galaxy, and it is actually costing more to do all the work they are doing.


Nah. Probably closer to half the cost of self-hosting than twice the cost.


False. 1 Galaxy container VS 4 CPU cores running an Ubuntu NodeJS stack at Google Cloud Compute are equivalent in monthly billing.

Smallest Galaxy hosting plan is $28 USD a month.

One day, I’ll likely switch. It’s too bad they don’t have a free tier to pull in business. Google and Microsoft Azure both give $300 free trial credits.

My mistake. I thought your time and the time of your colleagues was also worth something to you, too.


Its always the same question - hosting Meteor/Mongo/Kadira yourself vs paying someone to do it.

Its always going to cost more and you will get some peace of mind and let others manage it. Once you move beyond 1-2 person teams, the equation starts tilting in favor of hosted solution providers.

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I’m flying solo at the moment, like many of us, with out colleagues. If this were a paid position… Galaxy all the way. I’m a startup.

You should come check it out! You might have some fun :slight_smile: www.StarCommanderOnline.com - The Meteor MMO

Just pushed a big update, traffics starting to get… high. Might be looking at that switch sooner than later. Database with 200 connections is pretty stretched

Without getting into specifics as someone who is still at the beginner/intermediate level of devops type of work how would one approach this? I’m interested in learning the processes to set something like this up. After successful user signup/credit card approval would you trigger a microservice with a kadira instance for that user? How would you efficiently manage mongoDB instances for something like this since every kadira instance would rack up a ton of data during a 30 day period. Not looking for a huge writeup but some insight on how a Kadira SaaS works behind the scenes.

NodeChef launched its service (and you don’t have to use them as a cloud hosting for your app) :


I setup Kadira on EC2 and using external hosted mongodb, turns out that Kadira uses a lot of db, it grows fast and gets expensive quickly. Plus, you don’t need 3 node clusters, regular backups etc with something like Kadira, its meant to diagnose perf issues and not have high availability.

Now I’ve switched to running mongo on same instance as Kadira, just single primary, no replication. I can easily take backups manually.

For a single app, Kadira is also overkill, it was designed for multiple apps/users.